News and Views

  • Innovation of Justice held two events last month: on Saturday 22 June, there was a day with talks.  This was well attended, with two programmes running in separate rooms.  Speakers included Paul Hill (Birmingham Six) and Eddie Gilfoyle.   On the following Monday, 24 June, there was a demonstration outside the Royal Courts of Justice.  About 60 people were there, with assorted banners from many different groups supporting the victims of miscarriages of justice.  At the beginning of the protest, mouths were voluntarily taped to represent being silenced by the Criminal Justice System.
  • Inside Time, June 2019.  There is a new PPMI article on p.42 of the prisoners’ newspaper: “Prisoners maintaining innocence blocked by poor risk assessments”. It is available on the Inside Time website.
  • Networking event, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 6 September, 2019.  12.00 – 4.00.  The event is organised by and is for anybody affected by miscarriages of justice.  For further information go to .