News and Views

  • Elderly relative or friend in prison?  If you have an older relative or friend in prison, we encourage you to write to the Governor of the prison and to the Lord Chancellor requesting their early release because of the risk to their health from Covid !9 virus.   Please email for a form of letter that you can adapt and use.
  • PPMI research: we are currently researching the effect of maintaining innocence on parole board decisions for release or progression to an open prison.  If you know a prisoner who has had one or more ‘knock-backs’ from the parole board, please ask them to write to us for information and a consent form. Evidence from a broad range of prisoners who find themselves in this situation is vital for the success of our research.
  • Inside Time, June 2019.  There is a PPMI article on p.42 of the prisoners’ newspaper: “Prisoners maintaining innocence blocked by poor risk assessments”. It is available on the Inside Time website.