Case Studies

In this section, you will find some examples of convicted prisoners who maintain their innocence. We hope that their stories will help you to understand something of the many problems that such people can face.


Nigel and Denzil Ramsey

Convicted using the controversial doctrine of joint enterprise, the Ramsey brothers (aged 23 and 20) were sentenced to 33 years and 25 years for a shooting in Sheffield in 2009. Nigel was in prison at the time of the shooting: a phone call to his brother was the only evidence of his involvement. Both brothers are in a category A (high security) prison and maintaining their innocence.

Raymond Gilbert

Convicted of murder in Liverpool in December 1981, Ray was given a 15 year tariff but served 36 years in prison. He was finally released in 2017.  He attributes the many years in prison after his tariff (minimum term) had ended to the fact that he maintained his innocence throughout.  If he had pretended to be guilty he could have been released many years earlier.

Roger Gardener

Convicted in 2007 for sex crimes along with arson on his own home, he was diagnosed with cancer in March 2009. Having received no respite care, he was taken to hospital in December 2009, where he died the following day in the presence of his family. He maintained his innocence throughout.

Elizabeth Donaghue

Convicted in 2005 for the murder of her husband, Lizzie was sentenced to 30 years at the age of 42. She has 4 children. Lizzie has set up a support network for prisoners maintaining innocence within prison and believes “Where there is innocence, there is hope.”